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Architecture: Urban Studies


(Current issues available in the King + King Architecture Library)


Cornell Journal of Architecture

Bird 4th Floor - NA2300 C67 C6 


King + King, reserve: no.1 (1981:fall)-no.3 (1987:fall); no.7 (2003:spring); no.1 (1981:fall)-no.2 (1983:fall)


Journal of Urban Design

Bird 4th Floor - NA9000 .J68


available online from 1997


Kenchiku to Toshi = Architecture and Urbanism: A+U

Bird 4th Floor, Fine Arts Limited Access – NA9000 A3

available online from 1986



King + King, reserve - NA1 L63

no.1-2, no.7, no.9 – current


Lotus International

Bird 4th Floor, Fine Arts Limited Access - NA9 L6




Bird 4th Floor – NA735 N5 M47



Bird 4th Floor – NA2542.45 P53

available online from 1983

available online from 1997


Planning Perspectives

Bird 3rd Floor – HD30.28 P526

available online from 1997 v.12


Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme

Bird 4th Floor – NA1301.Q3

no.241-252; no.256- current


Urban Land

Bird 4th Floor – NA9000 U7

v.15- current


Urban Studies

Bird 4th Floor - HT103 U7

v.1-45 ceased

available online 1997-2000

available online from 1964

Approaches to Urban Design

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Architects / Firms

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City Histories and Projects

Chicago: Naissance d’Une Metropole, 1872-1922. Munich: Prestel-Verlag, 1987. (King + King, reserve – NA735 C4 C38 1987) 

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City and Landscape

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Community and Social Concerns

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On Utopia

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Public Space

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Re-visualizing the City

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