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Architecture: Materials

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Physical Materials Collection

The King + King Architecture Library has an extensive collection of physical material samples.
Wood, textiles, stone, glass, plastic and acrylics, and other samples are housed in Room 006 Smith Hall.  For access to the collection, please consult Jeremy Tarr, Woodshop Technician from Monday though Friday from 9am- 5pm. For questions on the collection, please consult Barbara Opar ( at the King+King Architecture Library.  Items may be checked out for one week.  Materials should be returned to Smith Hall during their open hours. When the collection is not open, material may be returned to the King+King Architecture Library. 
check out this website for more information-

Natural and Sustainable Materials



H-MAC System Calculators





Print Resources

Online Resources

Material ConneXion

Note: This should be accessed from within the University’s internet system. If accessing from home, you should access the database from the Libraries' catalog page, the above hyperlink (you will need your SU NetID). If you have problems accessing the database, please speak with our librarian, Barbara Opar.

  • This database is particularly useful for students in Advanced Building Systems and Comprehensive Studio, looking to select specific materials or commercial products, and obtain drawings, specifications, and installation data about particular materials or products.
  • This database recently upgraded its interface, and now is very similar to Google, in that you simply enter a search term (for example “translucent concrete”) and you will be provided with item info that matches your search criteria.
  • There are powerful filters to refine your query, or perform an advanced search.
  • Each material item contains several illustrative photographs, explanations of the material’s fabrication process, general sizes available commercially, typical installation uses, and the ability to continue on to the websites of manufacturers providing specific commercial products similar to the material you have searched.

Materials Lab at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

  • This resource is most useful if used as an inspirational source during the initial phases of a design process, to explore unique material possibilities.  It does not offer the in-dept physical information that Materials ConneXion offers.
  • This is an online index of a physical materials collection at UTSOA. 
  • Materials may be searched according to Composition, Form, Process, Properties, and Applications. 
  • Each material is accompanied by an illustrative photograph, and in most cases, physical properties of the sample stored at UTSOA.

Journals and Magazines

Detail (Munich)
NA2835 .D4

AV Monografias
NA7385 .A2  

The Construction Specifier
Older issues in the facility
online (2008-current)

The Plan: Architecture & Technologies in Detail
NA2543.T43 P53

AMC: Le Moniteur Architecture
OVERSIZE NA1048 .A7211 (Bird 4th Floor)

ARUP Journal, ceased
Older issue in the facility
online (1966-current)

Product Directories

Print Resources Continued