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Newhouse School of Public Communications - Guide to Resources at Syracuse University Libraries

SU Libraries' recommended research starting points for Newhouse School students and faculty

Simmons Insights (Support Website)

The question mark icon (?) at upper right corner of the Simmons Insights homepage leads to a helpful

For many Simmons Insights users, among the most helpful user guides available within MRI-Simmons support site are going to be these two:

That help page includes links to publisher/vendor supplied user guides and a section of study resources.  The study resources documentation offers more granular details on definitions, codebooks, etc. relevant to closer understanding of the specific methodologies MRI Simmons is employing as it gathers and supports report creation for this consumer survey data.

If a Simmons Insights user is familiar with the older search interface commonly found on the previous interface known as Simmons OneView, that is available in Simmons Insights if one chooses the option called "Dictionary Search"

Therefore, older user guides or instructional videos that introduce Simmons Oneview basic search features still offer some continuing relevance so long as one is using that "Dictionary Search" feature within Simmons Insights.

Ignore user guide PDFs on the support page if these refer to features not included in SU's academic subscription to Simmons Insights (e.g., the feature called "Data Haul" is one example).  Unless a named Simmons Insights search feature is clickable and leads into that content, it is not part of the SU subscription.  Sometimes, clicking on same may present a researcher with a sales offer to subscribe to that feature.  Ignore those instances, or contact the librarian if uncertain.  MRI-Simmons does not license 100% of its content and search and analytical features to academic customers at colleges and universities.

Simmons Insights (formerly Simmons Oneview)

A specific set of Simmons data available here called "Simmons Connect" provides metrics of reach, time spent and activity involving consumer interaction with online and mobile technologies.

Some additional notes regarding the Simmons database:

  • The SU Libraries subscription has a fifty (50) simultaneous user limit.
  • SU  NETID login is required to access this content (especially for access from off-campus locations).
  • If when clicking into the database, you receive a compromised webpage security message, click your way thru that by clicking “yes.”..and/or “add exception” – depending on the message you see.

Downtimes:  Simmons software upgrades occur on Wednesdays - 9 PM ET - access restored as soon as possible, but Simmons reserves right to keep the system offline until 6 a.m. ET the following Thursday morning; System maintenance is also performed the first Saturday of each month between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET.

  • In addition to help appearing on this SU Libraries subject guide, Simmons questions can also be directed to Librarian for the Newhouse School, Michael Pasqualoni (315) 443-3715

Simmons Training

MRI-Simmons User Support Site [this is the question mark ? icon visible at upper right corner of the Simmons Insights platform]

  • Includes user guide PDFs (links to some of the more notable guides also listed below), information on how to interpret cross-tabs and quick reports and, for advanced users, a section on study resources with in-depth coverage of the methodology Simmons employs. Guides will appear within the Simmons Support website for some features and content not available to university subscribers (e.g., Insights Data Haul)

The new (since 2021) user friendly search option called "Composer" supplements existing options for exploring Simmons data known as the Smart Search and the Dictionary Search.   Also new since 2021 at SU is access on the Simmons platform to the data visualizations tool called "Brand Catalyst."  Brand Catalyst supports creation of personas where those consumer behaviors and preferences can be compared and predicted.

please note: 

  • The user guidance is current as of 2022
  • Ignore references in the guides to use of personal usernames and passwords, not applicable to the access available via SU Libraries
  • Ignore references to features and tools not part of SU's institution wide academic subscription at this time (such as, Sales Catalyst, Omnibus, Data Haul, or Geo-Mapping) || Some are unavailable because of subscription expense/others unavailable because institutional licensing for that tool or data set is not offered to colleges and universities

Video Tutorials- Searching Simmons Insights

Brief introduction to Simmons Insights (5 mins)

Detailed Introduction to Simmons Insights (29 mins)

Citing Simmons

This example assumes one has retrieved data or otherwise built a cross-tabulation using Simmons' adult survey (NHCS)

  • MRI-Simmons (2018).  Winter 2018 NHCS Adult Study 6 Month - Reissued 9/20/2018 [Data File].  Retrieved from Simmons Insights Database.

*Edit your citation accordingly to indicate the survey year one has actually used and/or to reflect instances when the data or cross tabulation comes from a survey (i.e., study) within Simmons of those other than adults (such as the “Simmons Connect” studies).  For example:

  • MRI-Simmons (2018).  Summer 2018 Simmons Connect Plus Study [Data File]. Retrieved from Simmons Insights Database.