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Citation Styles: APA: American Psychological Association (7th edition)

The APA Style

Developed by the American Psychological Association for its own publications, this style has become the standard for works in the social and behavioral science fields.

For questions about the APA Style, please continue exploring this guide or visit the following webpages:

  • APA Style
    • This webpage will help answer any question you have about APA Style. It covers paper formatting, end reference and in-text citations, and provides examples for papers and citations.
  • APA Style Blog
    • The APA Style Blog covers unique questions about resources that may not appear on this guide or in their manual. Check here to see if they cover a resource that you need assistance with citation formatting!

Purdue OWL

Purdue OWL is a great website for getting help on APA 7th edition citations. You can access their "APA Formatting and Style Guide" to find help with citations for all types of resources.

Citation Manual & Supplemental Material

Digital Guides

Below are PDF versions of the citation handouts we keep at the Information Desk:

APA Sample Paper

Unsure how to format your paper in APA Style? The following student sample paper will help you! Click the the PDF link below.


Please be aware this example is from Purdue OWL and is for the student paper version. If you'd like to see the professional paper example, please find the PDF document below the following image.

Screenshot of an APA student paper from Purdue OWL. Includes light blue and light green text boxes describing each piece of the paper.

Introduction to APA Citation Style

This series of videos and tutorials will help you learn about the importance of citing sources and how to cite a variety of sources using APA style.