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Citation Styles: CMS Articles: Author-Date

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In-Text Citations

The general form for CMS Author-Date in-text citation is (Author Last Name Year of Publication, Page Number). Here are some examples of what they would look like:

For one author:
(Brown 2013, 167)

For two or three authors:
(Mitchell and Evans 2017, 31)

For four or more authors:
(Doe et al. 2016, 85)

Authors with the same last name, use first initials:
(M. Mitchell 2016)
(A. Mitchell 2016)

Author with multiple works in the same year:
(Davis 2015a)
(Davis 2015b)

To cite specific pages (such as when you are quoting or paraphrasing a specific part):

(Johnson 2014, 34-45)

To cite more than one source:

(Jones 2013; Williams 2015)

Article Citation

Journal Article from a Library Database


Last Name, First Name. Year of Publication. "Title of Article." Journal Title Volume number, Issue Number (Month or Season): page numbers. DOI, URL, or Name of Database.

Note: If the month or season is not given, put the issue number in parentheses. When only the issue number is given, it can be offset by commas.

Bibliography Entry:

LaSalle, Peter. 2017. "Conundrum: A Story about Reading." New England Review 38 (1): 95-109. Project MUSE.

Lock, Margaret. 2015. "Comprehending the Body in the Era of the Epigenome." Current Anthropology 56, no. 2 (April): 151-177. DOI: 10.1086/680350.

Meyerovitch, Eva. 1959. "The Gnostic Manuscripts of Upper Egypt." Diogenes, no. 25, 84-117.

In-Text Citation:

(LaSalle 2017, 95)

Print Journal Article


Last Name, First Name, and First Name Last Name. Date of Publication. "Article Title." Journal Title Volume Number, Issue Number (Month or Season): Page range.

Note: If the month or season is not given, put the issue number in parentheses. When only the issue number is given, it can be offset by commas. See above entry for more examples.


McAndrew, Malia. 2014. "Beauty, Soft Power, and the Politics of Womanhood During the U.S. Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952." Journal of Women's History 26, no.4 (Winter): 83-107.

In-Text Citation:

(McAndrew 2014, 87)

News or magazine article


Last Name, First Name. Publication Year. "Title of Article." Magazine Title, Date of Publication, page number. URL (if online).

Note: Even if a magazine is numbered with a volume and issue, only the date is cited.

Bibliography Entry:

Mead, Rebecca. 2017. "The Prophet of Dystopia." The New Yorker, April 17, 2017, 38.

In-Text Citation:

(Mead 2017, 38)

Book Review


Reviewer Last Name, Reviewer First Name. Publication Year. "Title of Book Review." Review of Book Title, by Author First Name Author Last Name. Title of Magazine/Newspaper, Date of Publication.

Bibliography Entry:

Kakutani, Michiko. 2016. "Friendship Takes a Path That Diverges." Review of Swing Time, by Zadie Smith. New York Times, November 7, 2016.

In-Text Citation: (Kakutani 2016)