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In-Text Citations

The general form for CMS Author-Date in-text citation is (Author Last Name Year of Publication, Page Number). Here are some examples of what they would look like:

For one author:
(Brown 2013, 167)

For two or three authors:
(Mitchell and Evans 2017, 31)

For four or more authors:
(Doe et al. 2016, 85)

Authors with the same last name, use first initials:
(M. Mitchell 2016)
(A. Mitchell 2016)

Author with multiple works in the same year:
(Davis 2015a)
(Davis 2015b)

To cite specific pages (such as when you are quoting or paraphrasing a specific part):

(Johnson 2014, 34-45)

To cite more than one source:

(Jones 2013; Williams 2015)

Other Resources



Interviewee Last Name, Interviewee First Name. Publication Year. "Title of Interview." Interview by Interviewer First Name Last Name. Publication Title, Date of Publication.

Bibliography Entry:

Stamper, Kory. 2017. "From 'F-Bomb' to 'Photobomb,' How the Dictionary Keeps up with English." Interview by Terry Gross. Fresh Air, NPR, April 19, 2017. Audio, 35:25.

In-Text Citation:

(Stamper 2017)

Thesis or Dissertation


Last Name, First Name. Publication Year. "Title of Thesis/Dissertation." PhD diss., University of Chicago.

Bibliography Entry:

Rutz, Cynthia Lillian. 2013. "King Lear and Its Folktale Analogues." PhD diss., University of Chicago.

In-Text Citation:

(Rutz 2013, 99-100)



Author. Publication Date. "Title of Webpage." Website Name. Last modified Date. URL. 

Bibliography Entry:

Google. 2017. "Privacy Policy." Privacy & Terms. Last modified April 17, 2017.

In-Text Citation:

(Google 2017)

Social Media Content


Author. Publication Year. "160 Characters of the Post." Social Media Outlet, Date. URL.

Bibliography Entry:

Chicago Manual of Style. 2015. "Is the world ready for singular they? We thought so back in 1993." Facebook, April 17, 2015.

In-Text Citation:

(Chicago Manual of Style 2015)