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Syracuse University Libraries

Business Information Guide

Starting point for business research resources.

Market Research Reports & Statistics

For a demonstration of how to search some of the market research databases listed on this page, refer to the Market Research Video Tutorial.

Products & Market Share

Consumer Data (Demographics, Product Usage, and Surveys)

NOTE: Additional sources for demographic data may be found on the Data & Demographics tab (on the left sidebar) of the Business Information Guide.

Market Research Resources Video Tutorial

Videos for Market Research Resources

The following market research resources video tutorial (which complements the Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans page of the Business Information Guide) is part of a series of four video tutorials developed by Business, Management and Entrepreneurship Librarian Stephanie JH McReynolds to support EEE 457 students as they develop their Capstone business plans. Although developed with EEE 457 students in mind, anyone who is interested in learning more about market research resources offered by Syracuse University Libraries is welcome to view. If something interests you, please check it out. For instance, maybe you already know a lot about eMarketer, but have never considered exploring Mintel Reports for market research.

Video Chapters for Market Research Resources:

  1. Introduction: Intro and overview of Market Research resources. (37 seconds)
  2. Academic for Market Research: How to browse Topics and use keyword searches to find demographic and market research reports in Academic. (3 minutes 5 seconds)
  3. eMarketer for Market Research: How to browse Topics and use keyword searches to find market research reports, survey results, and statistics in eMarketer. (1 minute 10 seconds)
  4. Mintel Reports for Market Research: How to use keyword searches, browse reports by Category, and use the List View to find recently published and upcoming market research reports in Mintel Reports. (7 minutes 24 seconds)
  5. Richard K. Miller and Associates for Market Research: How to browse and search in Richard K. Miller and Associates Reports for market research statistics and additional sources of market research data. (1 minute 33 seconds)
  6. Business Insights: Essentials for Market Research: How to find Market Share Reports in Business Insights: Essentials. (1 minute 5 seconds)
  7. SimplyAnalytics and Simmons Insights Overview (No Search Demo): Overview of SimplyAnalytics and Simmons Insights databases for survey data. (42 seconds)
  8. Statista for Market Research: How to browse and do keyword searches to find market research reports, statistics, survey results, industry reports, and data in Statista. (2 minutes 34 seconds)

Additional Resources (in print)