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Business Information Guide

Recommended Databases for Articles

Top Two Business Article Databases:

Additional Recommended Business Article Databases:

Multidisciplinary Databases:

Consider expanding your search beyond business article databases by searching in a multidisciplinary database, such as one of the following:

Google Scholar and Google Search Tips:

Remember that the search strategies you may have learned to use in library article databases may not necessarily work in Google Scholar. Likewise those library article database search strategies may not work with a basic Google search or an advanced Google search. Please see the following two links for Google Scholar and Google search tips.

Types of Articles

When searching in article databases or finding articles online, sometimes it is challenging to determine which type of article you have found. Below is a link to a chart that provides an overview of the differences between scholarly journal, trade publication, and popular magazine articles:

No matter which type of article or source you use, remember to evaluate and cite your sources:

Save Time with a Feed Reader

An RSS feed reader will save you time as you strive to keep up with current events and publications.

RSS symbolRSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to "subscribe" to online content (such as websites, blogs, and news and business publications) via a feed reader.

Many different feed readers are available, including readers that are part of your browser or email client, as well as readers that may be used with any browser or mobile device.

Feed Reader Tips:

  • Set up feeds for an entire website, as well as distinct pages or sections. For instance, you can "subscribe" to the homepage of The New York Times as well as the business section.
  • Some research databases also allow you to "subscribe" to a specific set of search terms, so if you're doing research over a period of time, you can be "alerted" to new articles that fit your criteria.
  • If you hit a "paywall" (the website asks you to pay for the full text) when trying to read an article brought to you by your feed reader, look up the publication via the Journal Locator to read the article for free!