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Business Information Guide

Starting point for business and entrepreneurship research resources. Includes industry research, company research, market research, business case studies, and more.

Company Research Overview

Recommendations for Researching Companies


Research your company in more than one company research database:

When researching a company and attempting to identify strengths and weaknesses, a good starting point would be to search for the company in the company databases listed below. Each database presents information from different sources or in a different manner. You may find a great SWOT analysis in one, a comprehensive focus on financials in another, in-depth executive profiles in yet another database, and so on.


Find current news and in-depth studies on your company in article databases:

While many of the company research databases feature articles and current news about a company (Nexis Uni and Business Insights: Essentials are especially strong in this area), you should also research your company in business article and multidisciplinary article databases to increase your understanding of the company and awareness of news about the company.


Use the Advanced Search feature in company databases to create lists of companies:

Company databases Mergent Intellect, Data Axle Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA), and Nexis Uni are a few of the databases that can be used to create lists of companies by industry code (such as NAICS code) and other criteria, including geography, sales, number of employees, and more.


For a demonstration of how to search some of the company databases, refer to the Company Research Video Tutorials.

Recommended Databases for Company Research

Top Three Database Recommendations for Company Research

Additional Recommended Databases for Company Research:

Top Article Databases for Company Research

Top Three Article Databases for Company Research

Company Research Video Tutorials

Company Research Videos

The following company research video tutorial (which complements the Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans page of the Business Information Guide) is part of a series of four video tutorials developed by Business, Management and Entrepreneurship Librarian Stephanie JH McReynolds to support EEE 457 students as they develop their Capstone business plans. Although developed with EEE 457 students in mind, anyone who is interested in learning more about company research resources offered by Syracuse University Libraries is welcome to view. If something interests you, please check it out. For instance, maybe you already know a lot about Mergent Intellect for company research, but have never considered exploring Business Insights: Essentials.

Video Chapters for Company Research:

  1. Introduction: Intro and overview of searching by company name to find company profiles and using NAICS codes (already identified) to create lists of companies in company databases. (1 minute 48 seconds)
  2. Business Insights: Essentials for Company Research: How to find company profiles, company hierarchy, market share reports, financial information, investment reports, and SWOT reports. (4 minutes 25 seconds)
  3. Mergent Intellect for Company Research: How to find company profiles using a basic company search and how to create lists of companies using NAICS codes on the advanced search page of Mergent Intellect. (5 minutes 12 seconds)
  4. ReferenceUSA for Company Research: How to find company profiles using a basic company search and how to create lists of companies using NAICS codes on the advanced search page of ReferenceUSA. (4 minutes 38 seconds)
  5. PrivCo Overview (No Search Demo): Overview of PrivCo company database for information on fast growing private companies, including in-depth financial information, venture capital deals, as well as relevant mergers and acquisitions. (1 minute 10 seconds)
  6. Westlaw Campus Research for Company Research: How to find a company profile in the Company Dossier module of Westlaw Campus Research, with an emphasis on the Company Family Tree part of the profile. (2 minutes 41 seconds)

Venture Capital Firms

Explore databases for identifying venture capital firms, investors, and (if available) information about the funding rounds and investments companies have received: