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Political Science - Research Guide

An SU Libraries' research starting points guide for political science

PSC 495 - Distinction Thesis Seminar in Political Science

Here are links to online versions of the handouts distributed during the Political Science Librarian's Fall 2017 orientation session for PSC 495 students.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SURFACE DEPOSIT:  This is optional, but encouraged -  for those students interested in such hosting of their final written work.  If you actively anticipate publishing what you write with a commercial or nonprofit publisher or university press, prior to submission into Surface, pay careful attention to the agreement(s) you sign with that publisher to see if such additional deposit of your paper is permitted.  Where possible, do not hesitate to be a strong advocate with publishers regarding retaining rights pertaining to what you are able to do with your own original written work (e.g., ability to post a copy to your own website or to non-commercial, academically centered open access databases such as Surface).  Not all publishers will agree.  However, it never hurts to ask, because some will permit these things.  If you do not anticipate further publication of your work, even if only applicable to a few students in PSC 495, all the more reason to consider advantages of depositing a copy of that final document, as a PDF file, into SU's open access research repository called SurfaceSee instructions for specific "how to" advice.