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Syracuse University Libraries

Communications Management - Research Guide

A research starting points guide from Syracuse University Libraries for SU students studying Communications Management

Article Databases-Communications & PR

The focus of the following online databases includes source content relevant for communications studies and public relations.  Some are scholarly, others popular and professional, others a mixture of these source types.  Many cover a diverse array of disciplines beyond Com Studies/PR as well:

SRDS Media Solutions


eMarketer database menu

eMarketer is a repository of data and discussion about digital marketing, media and ecommerce. Covers information environments and technologies that some traditional industry and market research databases overlook, with a focus that includes mobile computing, online advertising, tablets, smartphones, mobile payments and more.  The eMarketer database curates a large collection of presentation friendly data visualizations, which draw upon thousands of published industry sources and leadership interviews.  Concise, single topic summary reports are included to assist with the development of media strategies, budgeting and other data driven presentations and analysis.  Digital market data for numerous countries are represented, with over 10,000 new data charts added each year.   Download options include Excel, PowerPoint, JPG and PDF.

Additional Databases

  • Business sources - including industry snapshots, company profiles, consumer survey data and trade journal literature:
  • Psychological, social and/or political aspects of communications:
  • Racial, ethnic and women's perspectives:
  • Popular newspaper and magazine sources:

    See also SU Libraries subject guide portal for "Newspaper Databases"

Proquest Historical Newspapers - The New York Times {Proquest} - all NYT articles, fully imaged, from 1851 to within 3 to 4 years of the current date.  See also Proquest Recent Newspapers:  The New York Times for page imaged coverage from 2008 thru to within 3 months of the current date.

Nexis Uni - Access more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis—including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790, together with extensive current and historical U.S. state and federal statutes, published court decisions and regulations. Registering for a free ID and password within the interface is recommended for those looking to take advantage of personalization features such as alerts, saved searches and a collaborative workspace with shared folders and annotated documents. Licensed for SU only. Available to Law School users from SU campus only.

Wall Street Journal - SU Libraries offers access to back issue Wall Street Journal articles via a wide variety of database platforms.  Click on the "Get It" link to access back issue WSJ articles via the ProQuest database.

PressReader {Proquest} - Vivid full color image versions of selected U.S. and international newspapers.  over 5,000 local, regional and international newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries in 60 languages, displayed in their original format and accessible by country, language, or title.  Maintains a 60 to 90 day rolling archive for most titles.  For some titles/articles, the audio "interactive radio" feature will read that article content aloud, in the original language.

Access World News {Newsbank} - Archive of U.S. and international news content.  Especially strong in its coverage of smaller, local and regional U.S. newspapers.

NewspaperArchive {} - Back issue newspapers offering full page scans with many sources dating back to the 18th century.  Strong coverage of various local and regional U.S. newspaper sources for those time periods.  Extent of chronological coverage varies widely for each title.

Readers Guide Full Text Mega  {Ebsco} - Large repository of articles from popular magazines and trade journals.

  MRI - Consumer Data

Richard K. Miller & Associates Market Research Reports

In addition to powerful market research databases like Mintel and Academic, SU Libraries also makes available various electronic book titles from publisher Richard K. Miller & Associates. These offer extensive market research reports on subjects that include:

  • Entertainment, Media and Advertising
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Consumer Markets
  • Health Care Business Market
  • Leisure Market Research
  • Restaurant Food & Beverage Market
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism Market Research

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

Data-Planet Logo


Retrieving Specific Journal Titles


To identify whether SU Libraries has a specific periodical (i.e., journal) title in its print or online collection, you can:

  • (For titles available online) Enter the periodical title into the Library's journal locator (a list of print and electronic journals, magazines and newspapers available through the Syracuse University Libraries.  Search or browse by title, ISSN, or subject category)  OR
  • Enter the periodical title into the Library's Classic Catalog (using a 'journal title' search.  A list of print and electronic materials available in the Syracuse University Libraries.  Includes books, journals, maps, sound recordings, archival materials, government documents and more.) OR 
  • (For browsing titles in print format, if on campus) Browse titles alphabetically in the current periodicals area of Bird Library, 2nd Floor