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Syracuse University Libraries

Video Guide

A guide to identifying, locating, and viewing video collections.

Streaming Video

Be sure to browse individual streaming video databases to ensure access to the widest range of currently licensed titles available at Syracuse University. There is no single catalog for all video titles that span these various video databases. When using a video title for classroom purposes, be sure to doublecheck ongoing availability of that title in advance. Do not assume licensed access to a title viewed 3 or 4 years ago is still available.  

Browsing streaming video titles:  Explore selectively the streaming video databases to identify a desired title or relevant subject matter, or films created by a specific director. From the Libraries' home page, click on "Databases. Then, limit the type to "video."

database menu screenshotTips on choosing preferred video databases: 

Be aware that many original productions for consumer targeted streaming platforms (i.e., Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, etc.) often will not license those titles to academic institutions or libraries.
  • Those access models primarily rely on viewers maintaining individual subscriptions
  •  Although rare, some titles may become available in third party video databases like Kanopy or Academic Video Online, if a distributor arranges that licensing

If seeking a known video or film title, which is not found in any of the streaming video databases, also be sure to try entering a “title” search into SU Libraries catalog to verify if that title is available as individually-licensed content not included in the other streaming video databases

Physical Video Media

Summon search screen shotDVDs/Blu-ray, VHS, and other physically formatted film and video can be located using:

  • Summon (main search box on SU Libraries' website)
    • type the desired title, subject, or keyword in the search box
    • or use Summon’s advanced search if preferred
      • select: "content type" from available search result filters
      • select: "video recording"


Special Collections Research Center

The Special Collections Research Center (including the Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive and University Archives) holds extensive historical and archival media resources in a wide variety of formats.

Search the SCRC finding aids for archival materials, and contact them at for more assistance.