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Syracuse University Libraries

Video Guide

A guide to identifying, locating, and viewing video collections.

Browse for Physical Video Media With Captioning

Use this quick link in Summon Advanced Search to browse all DVDs and VHS in our collections that have captions.

Use truncated keywords "Close* Caption*" to search for all variations of "closed-captioned," "closed captioning," and others. Titles can also have caption information notated with the subject/genre heading "Video recordings for the hearing impaired."

summon advanced search example

Captioning Details in Library Catalog

  1. Find the title you want in Summon and click on the search result. 
  2. When viewing the item record, click Detailed Record on the right side of the screen 
  3. Look in the record for mentions of closed-captioning. This can be found in several places, depending upon the item: 
    • Notes or Languages field with the phrase "Closed-captioned"
    • Genre or Subject of of "Video Recordings for the hearing impaired"
    • Genre or Subject of "Films for the hearing impaired"
  4. Write down the Call Number and present it to the Bird Library 3rd floor service desk to request the DVD or VHS. 

detailed record example

closed-captions and call number example

Captioning in AVON

How to find Captioning in AVON:

  1. Go to our Databases menu and locate Academic Video Online (otherwise known as AVON)

database page

AVON screen shot

  1. Browse a list of over 75,000 videos!
  2. Click on the video you would like to watch. 

AVON captioning example

  1. Click the Captioning button in the bottom right corner of the video and choose your preferred language.
    • You can also choose the Automatic Translation option for an "on-the-fly" machine translation. 
    • If there is no captioning button, the video unfortunately does not contain closed-captions. 

AVON captioning example


Captioning in KANOPY

How to locate captioning in Kanopy:

  1. Go to our Databases menu and locate Kanopy

database pageKanopy

  1. Browse a number of films of various genres!
  2. Click on the video you would like to watch.

Kanopy captioning example

  1. After pressing Play on the video, locate the Captions button in the bottom right corner of the video. 
    • In Captions Settings, you can change various aspects of the captions, such as the font size and color

Kanopy captioning example

Captioning in SWANK

How to find Captioning in Swank:

  1. Locate Swank Digital Campus on our Databases menu 

database page screen shotSwank Digital Campus screen shot

  1. Browse dozens of videos by title or category!
  2. Locate the video you would like to watch. 
    • After clicking on the video, information about the video will appear at the bottom of the screen, including an icon for closed-captioning (if the video contains them). Then, click on the Watch button. 

Swank captioning example


  1. Locate the icon in the bottom right corner of the video, as shown below. Here, you will be able to turn on closed-captions. 

Swank captioning example

Audio Descriptions in AVON

AVON will provide audio descriptions for videos upon request. To request, please contact