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Syracuse University Libraries

Video Guide

A guide to identifying, locating, and viewing video collections.

Personal Use

Viewing Physical Video Media
The Libraries have several options available for viewing physical video media on-site in order to accommodate different viewing situations and needs.


  • External Blu Ray/DVD drives to plug into a laptop are available for 3 hour loan at Bird Library, Carnegie, and King + King Libraries. Bird Library also has a VHS player available to borrow for 24 hours.
    External BluRay/DVD Drive    VHS Player (VCR)


  • Video Viewing Equipment - Bird Library, 4th FloorThe 4th floor viewing area in Bird Library has:
    • 1 Blu-ray player
    • 2 DVD players
    • 1 VHS player

      Over-the-ear headphones are available to borrow
      for three hours at a time at the 3rd floor service desk
      and the 1st floor checkout desk.

  • Bird Library Multimedia Video CartBird Library also has a mobile cart with a multi-region DVD player, Blu-ray player, and VCR
    available by request at the 1st floor desk at Bird Library.



Instructional Use

Classroom equipment:

  • To find out what equipment is available in which campus classrooms, refer to ITS Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP)'s Classroom Resources page or call 315-443-4001
  • All Registrar’s classrooms have a  Blu-Ray/DVD player.  Blu-Ray players are able to play DVDs, but DVD players do not play Blu-Ray. Some rooms may still have VHS players, but these will be removed as rooms are updated.

    Instructions for use of technology in classrooms are on the DVD, Blu-Ray, and VCR Instructions page.
  • ITS LEMP has the following available for loan for 48 hours by SU faculty or staff:
    • Region 1 (US) DVD players
    • Two Region 3 (Asia Pacific, Taiwan, and Korea) DVD players

      Request form for the above.