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Syracuse University Libraries

Music: Scores

Use SUMMON to Find Scores at SU Libraries!

Summon search box screenshot

SUMMON Search Tips

  • Use the composer's last name; no initials or punctuation
  • State generic titles in English, and use the plural (like "symphonies" or "concertos," not "sinfonia" or "konzert")
  • Use an opus number or serial number, and use standard abbreviations (like op. 5, no. 6)
  • State unique titles in their original language (like Nozze di Figaro; not Marriage of Figaro)
  • If a piece is part of a larger work, try searching for the larger work as well
  • Use the search term "parts" to find chamber or performance parts sets
  • Limit search results to content type "music score." note: you may have to click "more

See Vocal Performance Guide for more tips on finding vocal music.

Name That Tune!

Know a tune but don't know the name of the song or work? 

Try these resources.

Sheet Music at Fayetteville Free Library

The local public library in Fayetteville, NY has a collection of 42,000 titles of sheet music, covering American popular song from the Civil War era to the 1980's. It includes political campaign songs, Broadway and Hollywood shows, folk, rock, jazz, country, and others.

Email librarian Monica Kuryla to inquire whether they have the title you are looking for.