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Syracuse University Libraries

Music Scores and Sheet Music

Print Scores at SU Libraries

Syracuse University Libraries has a circulating collection of over 34,000 volumes of printed music, including study scores, vocal scores, chamber performance sets, and scholarly critical editions. The collection focuses on European and American art music from the 17th through 21st centuries (i.e. "classical music") and musical theater vocal scores, with a growing collection of folk and popular vocal music from various regions and ethnicities.

  • All scores can be checked out with the same borrowing policy as books.
  • To browse our stacks, visit the 4th floor of Bird Library and look in class "M." (scores are in M, books are in ML-MT)
  • Purchase requests are welcome! Email the librarian for music & performing arts, Amanda DuBose

Printed Music in SU Libraries Special Collections

Browse all music-related collections at SU Libraries Special Collections Research Center

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