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Numeric Data Resources: Social Media/Data Mining

Numeric Data Resources can provide help with finding data to analyze for student and faculty research, data management and analysis, use of statistical software, especially SAS, Stata and SPSS, and advise on research methods, study design, and statistics.

Custom Data Search

This Google Custom search engine performs a search on websites that have been evaluated for their usefulness in providing data and statistics. Results will open in a new window.



Other Pages of Interest

Below are links to other pages that may be of interest to you.

Sources of Social Media Data

The following sites have social media data as well as "Big Data" available for download:

  • Social Computing Data Repository - As a service to the Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Social Sciences communities, the Social Computing data repository currently hosts datasets from a collection of many different social media sites.
  • Data Repository for NaN Group - NaN is a research group exploring complex systems, adaptive agents, modeling, simulation, artificial life, and complex (information, biological, and social) networks. We especially focus on the Web as a complex information network in which we leave abundant traces of our social and semantic activities.
  • Where can I find large datasets open to the public? -  A FAQ page on Quora; not all links are for Social Media



Data Mining

The following are sites and books to help you learn how to mine social networks, mostly using R:

Numeric Data Resources

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