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Syracuse University Libraries

Communications - Online Master of Science Program

A research starting points guide from Syracuse University Libraries intended for students enrolled in Newhouse School's online Master of Science in Communications program.

Data Training - Research Data Tutorials

Numeric Data Librarian, Paul Bern (part of the SU Libraries Research Data Services Group), also offers these series of Research Data Tutorials. When working with significant sets of numeric data, these concise training modules cover:

  1. Planning Your Research (Project documentation, etc.)
  2. Working with Variables (...and supplementary training materials about statistical software packages SAS, STATA and SPSS)
  3. Documenting Your Research (...and considerations about metadata)
  4. Collecting Your Data (...and strategies for paper-based and electronic data collection, data entry and using secondary data)
  5. Cleaning Your Data ( preparation for data analysis, fixing problems, etc.)
  6. Analyzing Your Data (..and steps tied to creating new variables, describing your data and, of course, doing the analysis)