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How Do I Find Diverse Repertoire?

This is a challenging process, as most of our information systems do not tag creators specifically for their demographics or identities. Also, what is considered "diverse" is contextual and can be different for each searcher/consumer of the music.

This page provides search strategies for locating music from creators who are part of one or more of the following groups:

  • LGBT identities
  • women
  • people of color
  • musicians outside of the Western European musical tradition 

Music Search Tools with Data on Diverse Identities

Locate Lists of Composers/Artists/Works on Websites

Google searches are great to find various lists of musicians from diverse backgrounds. Search for keywords such as "black composers," "female composers of color," "LGBT songwriters," "transgender musicians," or develop your own search terms. 

Once you locate names of specific musicians, search Google, YouTube, and the library catalog for each musician's name to find scores and recordings. 

Locate Lists of Composers/Artists/Works in the Library

Lists of musical works are published in books called bibliographies or as part of journal articles. Browse the websites below to find the titles of bibliographies on your desired topic. Then, look up book or article titles in the library catalog, or request on interlibrary loan.

Selected Websites & Streaming Media

Free Streaming Ethnographic & Archival Recordings