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Public Relations Resources

An SU Libraries' research starting points guide for public relations

  Market/Industry Research - Additional Core Databases

Those researching advertising topics may benefit from review of one or more these various business oriented resources and publications. The focus here is on learning more about specific industries and markets:


Business Insights:  Essentials - Database for researching all business and management topics. Includes directory listings for over 300,000 companies as well as company profiles, industry ratings, product brands, company performance ratings, investment reports and ratings, industry statistics, financial overviews, financial ratios, etc.  Formerly known as "Business & Company Resource Center."

IBIS World - Industry Market Research International   - Business reports with an industry overview focus, including extensive discussion of that industry's competitive landscape, major companies, key statistics and the like. Academic - Market research reports covering the following industries and categories: business services, consumer goods, food and beverage, demographics, heavy industry, life sciences and technology and media.

Mergent Intellect - Provides access to information about U.S. and international public and private companies, company news, and key business ratios. Searchable by company, person, or industry, this resource includes and greatly expands content in D & B Million Dollar Database and offers FirstResearch industry profiles, Indeed job search, Nielsen demographics, and a residential directory.

Mergent Online  - Financial reports for publicly traded U.S. companies and data on more than 17,000 non U.S. companies as well.

Mintel Reports - Mintel offers a series of research reports covering the US marketplace. Each market research report combines data & analysis of the competitive landscape, market-share analysis and consumer profiles. Complex demographic issues are broken into easy-to-understand sections, explaining consumer behavior and demonstrating the structure of the market.



If researching 'private' companies - see also:


eMarketer database menu

eMarketer is a repository of data and discussion about digital marketing, media and ecommerce. Covers information environments and technologies that some traditional industry and market research databases overlook, with a focus that includes mobile computing, online advertising, tablets, smartphones, mobile payments and more.  The eMarketer database curates a large collection of presentation friendly data visualizations, which draw upon thousands of published industry sources and leadership interviews.  Concise, single topic summary reports are included to assist with the development of media strategies, budgeting and other data driven presentations and analysis.  Digital market data for numerous countries are represented, with over 10,000 new data charts added each year.   Download options include Excel, PowerPoint, JPG and PDF.

Richard K. Miller & Associates Market Research Reports

In addition to powerful market research databases like Mintel and Academic, SU Libraries also makes available various electronic book titles from publisher Richard K. Miller & Associates. These offer extensive market research reports on subjects that include:

  • Entertainment, Media and Advertising
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Consumer Markets
  • Health Care Business Market
  • Leisure Market Research
  • Restaurant Food & Beverage Market
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism Market Research

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