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Kanopy - Video Collection

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A concise list of additional SU Libraries subscription databases in media studies and news that represent (or otherwise contain) significant online video, audio or image content:

See also freely available news video searching available via:

  • Internet Archive TV News Search
    (free online access to streaming news video - covering 2009 thru present.  Downloading available via fee based loan on DVD - must be returned to Internet Archive.  SU affiliated students and faculty should also visit the SU Libraries subscription to Vanderbilt University's Television News Archive, where online streaming news video is available for CNN (1995 - present) and NBC (1968 - present).  Other major networks are indexed, but no immediate access to video online - for those - download is via a loan of those clips on DVD-must be returned to Vanderbilt Univ.)

See also freely available video sharing sites like:

    (free online access to hundreds of hours of NBC & Fox network TV programs and to popular movies, both clip segments and full shows/full movies.  Hulu content providers also include NBC Universal, MGM, Warner Bros. and more)
    (another video sharing alternative to youtube)
    (perhaps the most well known video sharing site)

Video Collections at SU Libraries

For more information about video visit SU Libraries

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Professor Michael Wesch - Presentation at Library of Congress, June 2008. This Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University and his students take an inspiring journey through some of the cultural forces and practices associated with the rise of online video sharing technology.