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Register for, set up, and connect your ORCID profile.

Using ORCID to Populate SciENcv

Link your ORCID profile to SciENcv, then use ORCID to auto-populate your Biosketch, and keep it updated going forward:  

  1. Make sure your ORCID profile is complete and includes all publications, presentations, CV details, etc. (NOTE: It's worth taking the time to update ORCID, because it can be linked with many common systems beyond SciENcv, and is a key step towards improving your visibility as a researcher). 
  2. Login to SciENcv 
  3. Click "edit" to set up your profile
  4. Under "Optional Information", choose "Add your ORCID iD to this profile?" 
  5. Login to ORCID, then "Authorize access", then in SciENcv click "Save"
  6. SciENcv documents - "Create New Document" 
  7. Fill in the "Document Name", select the "Format", then under "Choose data source", select "External source: ORCID"
  8. Within the document generated, go to "C.Products", look for [Save citations], ORCID tab
  9. A list of your publications included in ORCID should appear, select any that are relevant
  10. Your document should auto-save in SciENcv. You can also download a PDF copy of the document. 


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