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ORCID: Connect to SU

Register for, set up, and connect your ORCID profile.

Link your ORCID account to Syracuse University

Syracuse University is a member of the ORCID Community, and has an institutional subscription to ORCID.

How does this benefit me?

Because SU is an ORCID Community member, we can connect ORCID to the Faculty Success system so that individuals can easily import their publications from ORCID to Faculty Success. Having your ORCID account connected to SU also helps the University more accurately track the research and scholarly activities happening at the University, and to help ensure that your scholarship is accurately recorded for University record keeping and reporting purposes. 

How do I connect my ORCID account to Syracuse University? 

  1. In the Employment section of your ORCID profile, make sure that Syracuse University is your current employer, and that your employment date says "to present". When adding Syracuse University as your current employer, it is important to add it correctly, by selecting Syracuse University from the menu under "Organization", instead of adding it manually. In the "Organization" field start typing Syracuse University, then select it from the drop down menu. If you're unsure of whether it was added correctly, you may want to edit your existing entry to assure that Syracuse University is selected correctly. 

Questions about ORCID

If you have questions about setting up or managing your ORCID account: