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Register for, set up, and connect your ORCID profile.


ORCID stands for Online Research Contributor iD. ORCID is a freely available tool for researchers, scholars, authors, etc.  

When researchers sign up for an ORCID ID, they receive their own unique identifier that helps to distinguish them from other scholars, especially those with similar names. It has become an essential tool for researchers, and is highly recommended and often required when you apply for grants or awards, engage in any type of publishing, or present papers at conferences. 

NIH, AHRQ, and CDC announced in July, 2019 that individuals supported by research training, fellowship, research education, and career development awards will be required to have ORCIDs beginning in FY20, (See details: Notice Number NOT-OD-19-109) and more funding organizations are expected to follow suit. 

Uses and benefits:

  • Researcher profile - when creating an ORCID account, an online profile of your scholarly works is automatically generated, helping to increase your visibility as a researcher/scholar 
  • Institutional Affiliation - your ORCID can be linked to Syracuse University's ORCID Institutional account, which helps to correctly affiliate your publications with the University's scholarly activities, and count your activities in reporting data.  
  • Reduce Duplicate Data Entry - Your ORCID profile can be used to push information to your Experts@Syracuse profile, and information can be pushed from your Experts@Syracuse profile to populate ORCID 
  • Save time - Your ORCID profile can be used to auto-populate your published scholarship in the University's Faculty Portfolio System, FPS
  • Grant Systems - ORCID can be used to auto-populate your publications and scholarly activities when submitting grant applications, and is compatible with SciENcv and NSF Biosketch.  
  • Publishing - Link your ORCID when submitting manuscripts on publishers websites, or for conferences
  • Visibility - Add your ORCID to your email signature, CV, or other research profiles such as Experts@Syracuse and LinkedIn

Questions about ORCID

If you have questions about setting up or managing your ORCID account: