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Nutrition Science & Dietetics

Core Literature Databases for Nutrition


Social Science/Population-based

See the "Population Characteristics" tab for more databases that scope literature on a particular population

Multidisciplinary Databases

Sometimes starting with a multidisciplinary database is easier to start with at first. These databases will pull literature from multiple disciplines, so use words to describe your population and health issue, for example.

Related Disciplines Databases

The resources on this page should help you get started finding the primary literature published in scholarly journals and conference publications using authoritative research databases. 

Nutrition content can be cross disciplinary in nature. Your research can span across several subject areas. Think about the kind of content you are looking for and read database descriptions to identify relevant databases for your particular topic. The databases to the right are a good starting point. Also consider databases in the following subject areas:

Disability Studies
Gender & Women's Studies
Government Information
Political Science
Social Work

Watch for the SULinks icon

SULinks icon

When searching our literature databases, this link will take you to the full-text of journal articles available online through our SU Library subscriptions.