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Syracuse University Libraries

Cookbooks at SU Libraries


Where to find them

The cookbook collection currently resides in two physical locations while we await renovations to the Carnegie Library books stacks. Some can be browsed in Bird Library, 4th floor near the LP's and others need to be requested from long-term storage. We also have many eBook cookbooks available online. One can virtually browse our cookbooks and cooking collections in our online catalog/Summon or, if one is seeking a specific title, ask for help from friendly library staff.

Cookbooks typically fall within the following Library of Congress call number ranges:

TX642-TX840 Cookery

TX645 Cookery-history

TX653-TX658 Kitchens, cooking equipment, utensils

TX703-TX713 Cookbooks, early to 1800

TX714 Cookbooks, general, 1800-present

TX715 Cookbooks, 1800-present, American, Canadian

TX715 Cookbooks, 1800-present, world

TX727 Menus, bills of fare

TX731-TX740 Cookery- entertaining, holidays and special occasions

TX741-TX759 Cookery – foods of animal origin

TX761-TX799 Cookery – baking and confectionery

TX801-TX814 Cookery – vegetables, cereals, fruits, nuts

TX814-TX817 Beverages

TX820-TX840 Cookery – special variations (Barbecue, institutional, food processor, etc.)