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Transformative Agreements and APC Coverage: Home

Opportunities for Open Access Publishing without Author Fees

Transformative Agreements / Read and Publish Agreements

Syracuse University Libraries have signed transformative agreements with academic publishers that broaden access to SU scholarship. Under the agreements, the costs to publish your work open access (APC charges) will be covered by the library. Please click on each agreement below to see how to make your work open access.

There are currently agreements with the following publishers:

Additionally, there are opportunities for publishing books in the following open monograph programs supported by Syracuse University Libraries:

Each agreement has specific requirements. Please follow the links for instructions on how to take advantage of these agreements.

APC Discounts

In addition to these agreements, SU authors are eligible for APC discounts with the following:

Affiliate benefits
Organization Benefit
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) SU Authors are eligible for a 10% discount on article processing charges for MDPI Journals. Details on MDPI APCs can be found at this link:


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