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Syracuse University Libraries

Resources for School Media Specialists in SUPA Schools

Using this Guide to the SU Libraries' Online Resources

This guide is intended to point you to electronic resources that will be useful for students and instructors in Syracuse University Project Advance courses. The guide is organized into the following set of pages. Emphasis in this guide has been placed on materials that are available electronically and in full text.


  • Accessing Library Resources has instructions for accessing library resources and for getting assistance when you or your students need it. There is also a collection of SUL research guides that are mapped to SUPA courses.

  • Reference Sources features resources available electronically which provide background information, assist in defining terms, and offer overviews of genres and periods.

  • Articles, Essays, & Data features links to SUL's electronic databases, which will point you to articles and essays from scholarly and popular publications covering some of the many subjects and topics covered in SUPA courses.

  • Media contains links to audio, video, and image collections available via the SU Libraries and freely available on the Internet.
  • Videos and Tutorials contains links to Information Literacy tutorials that explain the research process, finding and evaluating sources, understanding bias and authority, and identifying and debunking fake news.