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Syracuse University Libraries

PRL 206 - Public Relations Principles and Concepts (Fall 2020)

Research starting points from SU Libraries for PRL 206 students

PR Reference Books

  Industry Niche Specific Article Databases

Another technique that may help in locating article discussion about Public Relations within a specific delimited industry environment is to select a major database for that field and then enter search phrases such as "public relations."  Or experiment with entry of other term(s) pertinent to the PR field, which may include specific job titles one sees in the public relations field.

Tip - Search Terminology:  within certain discourse communities for some of these sub-disciplines, when speaking about "public relations" related activities, they may not always literally use that phrase itself. In both government and also nonprofit context, other terminology may be equally or more common (e.g., in the nonprofit world one thinks of terms like "community," "community outreach," "community relations," etc.). So as you encounter those, or analogous, alternative wordings, be sure to employ them within some of your search queries.

Sports/Sport Management

Health and Healthcare Industries

Nonprofit Sector (Primarily Non-Arts Related)


Travel and Tourism

The database called ScienceDirect contains current and back issues of the scholarly journal, Annals of Tourism Research. This is SU Libraries Classic Catalog listing for Annals of Tourism Research (click on the 'get it' link to navigate into recent and older articles)

Government Affairs

Arts and Entertainment

Public Relations Counseling Firms ("Agencies")

Financial PR and Investor Relations
Although activities in this career sub-field are different, consider using the article database(s) recommended for PR Agencies

Political PR & Government PR

Government Relations, Public Affairs & Lobbying
Although activities differ, consider using the same article databases listed for "Political PR"

Corporate (Community Relations & Social Responsibilities Programs)

Occupational Outlook Research (U.S. Dept of Labor)

The U.S. Department of Labor supports freely available online tools for individuals exploring career opportunities.  These lead to current information and data about skills, industry trends and salaries – [not as descriptive as trade publication articles or books, but great overviews].  Also helpful in providing job classification titles that might represent good search terms when exploring PR using  licensed databases or search engines:



Crowdsourced careers and salary information also appears on the social media platform Glassdoor .  Be aware data here is employee contributed. Often providing data unavailable elsewhere, but self-selection among those deciding to participate may problematize broader conclusions.  Especially when assessing salary and related trends reported by individuals, use multiple sources and databases to explore if Glassdoor data seems reliable or off-base for specific job classifications you investigate. Be a savvy evaluator of these trends. Past salary data may not reflect future directions for those numbers.

News - Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic)


For a gateway to additional newspaper databases SU Libraries offers - visit the online subject guide site called Newspaper Databases

Two leading examples of superb news source aggregator databases (including business news) that are great alternatives to Nexis Uni include: