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Syracuse University Libraries

PRL 206 - Public Relations Principles and Concepts (Spring 2022)

Research starting points from SU Libraries for PRL 206 students

Professional Associations and Networks

Websites for professional associations closely tied to your field of interest can be great sources of information, but also keep in mind that at times such organizations may offer you membership-only content.


If you come across an association selling a book title where you’d like the librarian to do a rush order, contact him at (315) 443-3715 .

In PR, one has the Public Relations Society of America - - which – for college students would mean membership in the student branch of PRSA known as Public Relations Student Society of America – which does maintain a Syracuse University Chapter

Keep in mind too that any subfield of PR you explore will have its own professional associations as well.

Leadership Connect - In addition to being chock full of directories for government agencies and officials and lobbyists, etc. - there are also corporate, non-profit, healthcare and media directories available in this enormous directory database.  Filled with highly granular contact information at leaderhip and staff levels.