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Lens Guide

Guide to, Lens Profiles, and Lens Institutional Toolkit Access

The Lens is a free and open resource used to find, analyze, and manage patent and scholarly data. Anyone in the world can use Users may anonymously access and export all Lens data. Individual account registration is not required. Features and Search Strategies

This introductory video to the Lens covers several discovery tools and search strategies:

Additional tutorials and search tips are available on the Lens Support page. Tutorials for specific tools are also linked in the description of each tool in Content and Search Tips for Specific Tools.

Content and Search Tips for Specific Tools Discovery and Analytics Tools includes several discovery and analytics tools. Management and Ranking Tools includes several management and ranking tools. 

Lens APIs

Lens APIs provide access to Lens scholarly works and patent records, while options for bulk data downloads provide access to the genetic sequences in patents, as well as the corpus of scholarly works and patents.

There are two different API and bulk data plan types:

  • Institutional User API Plans (available by request to all Syracuse University users)
  • ITK API Plans (available by request to authorized Syracuse University faculty and staff)

For more information, visit Lens API and Bulk Data Access. Data Sources

Scholarly Works Data Sources Scholarly Works is built on ingested and de-duplicated data from four main sources:

Scholarly Works also includes open access information from the following sources:

Scholarly Works is enhanced with links to the following:

Patent Data Sources Patents, PatCite, and PatSeq are built on data extracted from four main sources:

Collections and In4M Data Sources

Collections and In4M integrate data from many of the sources listed above. More information about data sources and methodology may be found on the About page, as well as within each tool.

These papers describe the Lens metadata strategy and In4M methodology:

  • Jefferson, O. A., Koellhofer, D., Warren, B., & Jefferson, R. (2019, November 25). The Lens MetaRecord and LensID: An open identifier system for aggregated metadata and versioning of knowledge artefacts.
  • Jefferson,O. A., Jaffe, A., Ashton, D., Warren, B. Koellhofer, D., Dulleck, U., Ballagh, A., Moe, J., Dicuccio, M., Ward, K., Bilder, G., Dolby, K., & Jefferson, R.A. (2018, January 10). Mapping the global influence of published research on industry and innovation. Nature Biotechnology, 36, 31-39.

If you are interested in Lens APIs and bulk data access, visit Lens Institutional Toolkit, and reach out to the Libraries' Research Impact Team to inquire about access: