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Syracuse University Libraries

Veterans & Military Families Resources

Research guide to help student veterans, veteran employees, and military family members navigate Syracuse University and SU Libraries resources


Start at the Libraries Website to find the Summon search box. you can enter a few keywords and then refine your results using the sidebar limiters to discover a great article, book, or database that you would like to explore further. For instance a search for military family life will lead to titles such as the article "Community reintegration: Transition between the figured worlds of military and family life" (from the Journal of Occupational Science) and a book published by the Rand Corporation titled Deployment life study: longitudinal analysis of military families across the deployment cycle. With a few search refinements, such as selecting Scholarly & Peer-ReviewJournal Article, and narrowing by Publication Date, you will be able to focus your search results.

Note that not everything is indexed in Summon, including some specialized business research databases. If you are having trouble finding the information you need, consider going directly to the appropriate database or contacting library staff.

Screenshots below illustrate a Summon search for military family life: