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Patents: Patents and Intellectual Property

Patent Tutorials and Search Strategies

Recommended Reading on Patents & IP

Patent Search Guidance

Receive expert patent searching strategies as well as patent, trademark, and copyright guidance from the Syracuse University College of Law Innovation Law Center (ILC) in collaboration with the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University Libraries. Visit the Blackstone LaunchPad on the first floor of Bird Library during these Innovation Law Center drop-in office hours:

March 8 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Kalen Sullivan
March 19 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Emily D’Agostino
March 21 from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm - Shirya Gosh

To schedule a different time with the ILC, outside of these hours, email

Patent Search Tools

These tools allow you to do quick, keyword, searches for patents. You can also search by inventor and assignee (the person or company that holds the rights to that patent).

Classification Searching

Patent classification is a way the that patent examiners arrange documents according to the patent's technical features. Classification searching allows searchers to quickly find a document disclosing the invention identical or similar to the invention for which a patent is claimed. Patents may have more than one classification.

Additional Databases

These databases that you may already be using also include patents:


Below are a few resources recommended by the above article when conducting a trademark search:

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Basic Terminology

A few key definitions excerpted from the Oxford English Dictionary:


"...A licence conferring the sole right to manufacture, sell, or deal in a product or commodity; (now) spec. a licence from a government conferring for a set period the sole right to make, use, or sell some process or invention; a right conferred in this way."

Intellectual Property

"...A general name for property (such as patents, trademarks, and copyright material) which is the product of invention or creativity, and which does not exist in a tangible, physical form."


"...To give (a person) permission to (do something)."


"...A mark (secured by legal registration or, in some countries, established by use) used by a manufacturer or trader to distinguish his goods from similar wares of other firms; usually a distinctive device or figure, a fancy name or trade name, or the name of an individual or firm, marked or impressed on the article or upon the package, etc., in or with which it is sold."