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Turnitin at the Library: Viewing Originality Report

A guide for using SU Library's Blackboard site to submit drafts of papers to Turnitin plagiarism detection service.

Viewing Originality Report

The "Originality Report" highlights areas of your paper that match text from existing sources, including journal articles and web sites.

1. To access your originality report, start at the Assignment Inbox.  (Go to the Submit/Check Papers page and click on View/Complete beneath one of the assignments.)

Note: If you submit more than one paper on the same day, the originality report for the first paper may arrive quickly, but the report for the second paper may take 24 hours.


 Screenshot of inbox


 2. From the Assignment Inbox, click on View for the paper you wish to review. Once connected, click on the “Originality” button at the top of the page to see which sources have been identified as having similar text.

Alternatively, you can click on the percentage under “Similarity” in the Assignment Inbox to view the Originality Report.

3. The originality report will open in a new window (top of page will read "Feedback Studio"). It will highlight areas that match other sources by more than 1% (you can change the settings within the report by clicking on the filter tool to exclude matches by percentage or number of words based on your preference).


4. You can click on All Sources to see the original sources, which will appear to the right.


5. After you view your report, you can revise your paper and resubmit it by clicking on the "resubmit" button on the Assignment Inbox. Please note that your original paper will be replaced and there will be a delay before receiving your new originality report.

Note: You can also use the resubmit button to submit different papers if you wish.

Screenshot of resubmit button