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Tests and Measures: Introduction


There is no single resource that includes all tests and measurements. Your search will require a mix of online and print searching. You may even find that it's easier to work with print resources rather than their online counterparts.

Some tests are published in books, some in journal articles, and some are even sold to publishers who then sell the tests to researchers for profit. Tests can be searched for in Google Scholar, however, this is only recommended IF you have the name of an actual test. It could otherwise become a frustrating endeavor.

Suggested first steps:

  • Brainstorm keywords on your topic
  • Decide on a few resources to begin your search using the tabs above
  • Search these sources using your keywords. Be mindful that both books and databases have indexes to help you find other terminology or help guide your search.
  • Pick out a few that look like they may be useful for the people you want to study and what you'd like to know about them.
  • Orient yourself with each resource's navigation tools (print volumes make content easy to find through their tables of contents or indexes, for example)
  • Find the original test. Remember that tests can either be free or available only for a fee.
  • Stumped? Contact a librarian!