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Central NY Master of Public Health (CNYMPH): Data

Data Resources

The summary document for New York is here.

Check out their quarterly journal Amber Waves.

Public Health E-Resources

Government Resources for Public Health

  • Healthy People 2030
    From the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the full-text is available at this site. There are also updates.
  • Physical Guidelines for Americans
    The first-ever physical guidelines for Americans.  This resource describes the types and amounts of physical activity that offer health benefits.
  • National Quality Strategy Annual Reports
    Reporting on National Quality Strategy progress occurs in multiple ways. Priorities in Focus pair Quality and Disparities Report data with each of the six National Quality Strategy priorities to offer a “snapshot in time” look at progress. Reports to Congress, prepared annually, offer updates on national, state, and local efforts to implement the Strategy’s priorities to achieve the three aims.