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Syracuse University Libraries

Arts Journalism Resources (SU Libraries)

An SU Libraries research starting points guide for arts journalism

Databases A-Z

Here's a link to the full A to Z list of databases available through the Syracuse University Libraries.  Includes databases containing articles, images, data and videos.  Search for a database by title, subject area, or content type.

Arts Journalism Databases

An extensive and interdisciplinary list of databases you may wish to search to locate academic articles, news articles, music, images, video and more.  Despite the length, this remains a partial list.  When in doubt, contact a librarian or visit the full SU Libraries Website:

Access World News Access Tip:  Access World News (Newsbank) has been expanding its range of full page imaged newspaper archives of current and recent content, with titles like The Guardian, The Independent, and more local to the SU Hill, Syracuse Post-Standard.  A handy way to see all such page imaged newspaper collections from the Access World News homepage is to click on the A-Z Source List, then click on the column heading for "Format" so that the format type called "image" sorts the page imaged newspaper titles toward the top of that A to Z list.

  Find a Periodical Title


Contagious Magazine - Cover Image

To identify whether SU Libraries has a specific magazine (i.e., journal) title in its print or online collection, you can:

  • (For titles available online) Enter the magazine title into the Library's journal locator (a list of print and electronic journals, magazines and newspapers available through the Syracuse University Libraries.  Search or browse by title, ISSN, or subject category)  OR
  • Enter the magazine title into the Library's Classic Catalog (using a 'journal title' search.  A list of print and electronic materials available in the Syracuse University Libraries.  Includes books, journals, maps, sound recordings, archival materials, government documents and more.) OR 
  • (For browsing titles in print format) Browse titles alphabetically in the current periodicals area of Bird Library, 2nd Floor


Arts Commissions

Local Historical Associations & Societies

Sometimes the keepers of information about arts organizations in that area.

Circulation Data

Fundraising/Grant Research

Some databases as well as free sites to consider if researching grant opportunities:

Nonprofit Sector Journals

*Many of these have not been collected in print format for recent years.  Instead, online availability provides access in most instances.  If interested in library back-issue holdings of print specifically, for any titles in that category, search that title(s) of interest using a "journal title" search in the library's  "classic catalog."  Otherwise, use links below to access current and back issues of these periodicals:

Additional Form 990 Information

In addition to access to recent and more deeply historical Form 990 financial statements for U.S. non-profit organizations via the Library's licensed access to Guidestar Pro  and for Foundations via Foundation Directory Online (SU Libraries supports the "professional" version of FD Online), these organizations below are yet further examples of portals for obtaining financial and executive backgound information about nonprofits.  Guidestar Pro and Foundation Directory Online - Professional should meet needs of most researchers.  Access to detailed data and search features from these similar competitor services generally requires a paid fee:

  Watch for the SULinks icon


If you see this next to the record for an article in an SU Libraries database, click on it to see if the full-text is available online.


A nonprofit educational consortium based in McClelland, Iowa, that receives and re-transmits television news and entertainment programming from more than fifty different countries in the original languages.