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Research Methods in Advertising and Public Relations

A guide to resources about research methods in advertising and public relations


This guide's co-authorship has been compiled and edited by SU Libraries Graduate Student Assistant, Abdulrahman Alzahrani - SU School of Information Studies, SU Libraries Graduate Student Assistant, Sharanya Kanwar - SU School of Education,  and Michael Pasqualoni - Newhouse School Librarian, SU Libraries, Department of Research & Scholarship, Subject Instruction Team

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Faculty or students can use this brief survey form to suggest additions or edits to either the advertising or PR related subpages of this guide. If you encounter broken links, please note those on the section of the form for "other feedback," or email Newhouse School Librarian, Michael Pasqualoni

Public Relations - Research Methods

The pages within this guide contain a cross section of book titles, articles, dissertations, databases and additional SU Libraries guides to consider when exploring research methodologies in public relations

SUMMON search tip: 
Use Summon's advanced search screen, to uncover additional sources like those highlighted below.  Enter the phrase "public relations" as a "subject terms" search word - and combine that search query with an AND and an additional "subject term" search word or phrase, such as:

  • Methodology
  • Methods
  • Research
  • "Research Design"
  • "Research Methods"
  • "Statistical Methods"
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative

A brief sampling of scholarly articles and doctoral dissertations covering research methodologies in public relations. Use the Scopus database to retrieve references for subsequently published articles or book chapters that cite these references. If a reference below resides in Scopus, click on "SULinks" or "view at publisher" to arrive at full text for that source. If neither brings up the full source, manually verify whether SU has access to the journal title containing the article using the journals A to Z list, or if a book chapter, an advanced 'title' search for the title of the book using Summon.

Here are links to additional SU Libraries research guides potentially useful to researchers in public relations

A sampling of licensed Syracuse University Libraries databases often helpful for researchers in public relations

PRweek (U.S. ed.)

03/10/2003 to 03/31/2018 in ABI/INFORM Collection

03/01/2003 to 03/31/2003 in ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry

03/10/2003 to 03/31/2018 in ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry

11/16/1998 to 06/16/2014 in Factiva

 Note: To search by publication title, choose Search builder, then Source; for "select source category" and use dropdown for Publications: A-Z; enter publication title in box next to Find a Source, then key "enter." Click on title in Source Results to search on that title. Enter terms in free text box, then select run search.

2010 to Present in Print Holdings  some issues missing

03/01/2003 to 03/31/2003 in ProQuest Central

03/10/2003 to 03/31/2018 in ProQuest Central

05/09/2013 to 08/16/2021 in Newsbank Access World News Research Collection 2021 Edition

Public relations tactics 

07/01/1994 to 12/31/2017 in Business Source Elite

03/01/1998 to 01/31/2008 in Research LibraryProQuest Central

Journal of public relations research

01/01/1992 to 15 months ago in Business Source EliteCommunication Source

1993 to 2008 in Print Holdings

01/01/1992 to 08/31/2007 in Nexis Uni

01/01/1997 to Present in Taylor & Francis Social Science and Humanities Library