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Syracuse University Libraries

WRT 205: Research Starting Points Guide [Instructor, Amy Murphy - Spring 2023]

About This Guide

This librarian-prepared guide is a starting point for locating resources for your work in WRT 205 (Instructor, Amy Murphy - Spring 2023). Its homepage and subpages provide a variety of relevant library research tools and collections.  Choose wisely and in ways relevant to your particular topic of inquiry.  There are many more starting point possibilities available here than any individual WRT 205 student will need to consult.  Librarian guides are efficient supplements to core research tools available at, not replacements for those.


The Librarian working with Amy Murphy's WRT 205 course sections taking place on-campus this Spring is Michael Pasqualoni [Librarian for the Newhouse School] Looking for other librarian subject specialists at SU Libraries?  Visit this list of subject librarians at Syracuse University