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The Land You’re On: Acknowledging the Haudenosaunee

This Research Guide is a companion to the Sound Beat: Access Audio series "The Land You’re On: Acknowledging the Haudenosaunee".

Syracuse University Land Acknowlegement Statement

We acknowledge with respect the Onondaga Nation, firekeepers of the Haudenosaunee, the Indigenous people on whose ancestral lands Syracuse University now stands.

About the Series

Cover art for "The Land You're On"

Sound Beat: Access Audio, a storytelling initiative of the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University Libraries, in collaboration with partners from WAER, has produced a twelve-part podcast series titled, “The Land You’re On: Acknowledging the Haudenosaunee.”

Produced by Brett Barry, Bianca Caiella Breed, Neal Powless and Jim O'Connor, the podcast series features candid conversations with Haudenosaunee students, alumni, staff and community members. Listeners will learn about the history and the people who were the first residents of our area.

Some topics covered by the series include:

  • Why is a lacrosse stick so important to the Onondagas?
  • What is it like being an ancestor of the Indigenous people of the land but going to college with mostly white students and faculty?
  • How did matriarchal societies work for Native American groups and what is their connection to women’s suffrage?

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