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Syracuse University Libraries

Resources for New Faculty

Discover how SU Libraries can support teaching, learning, and research during your first weeks as SU faculty member

About this Guide

Welcome to Syracuse University Libraries! The purpose of this guide is to help new faculty members, instructors, and teaching assistants get quickly up to speed with the Libraries' resources. This guide does not strive to be comprehensive, but instead to offer a short menu of services and resources most helpful during your first few weeks teaching and doing research at Syracuse University.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Syracuse University Libraries is committed to providing all SU students, faculty and staff equitable access to the library resources and services they require for their academic and research needs. The libraries provide a range of services for individuals who may require assistance or specific tools in order to access and use those resources and services. For more information, please visit our accessibility webpage to learn more about the resources, spaces, and services that SU Libraries offer to support individuals with disabilities.