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IRP 412 Global Governance (Spring 2024): Background

What is in this Guide

Welcome to IRP 412!

Use the navigational buttons on the top for a quick guide to some specially selected resources from Syracuse University Libraries for this course.  In particular, many of these starting points can help you more efficiently and effectively harvest and evaluate publications or other data for the research you will complete.  More content is listed here than any individual student will consult, but choose wisely.  If stuck on a research strategy or specific navigation using library search tools or databases, contact a subject librarian.  Here's an overview of the contents of this guide:


  • Background
    Introduction to this guide, and contact information for subject specialist librarians.
  • UN Specific Resources
    Listing of databases and other starting points that are specific to the United Nations, and some important links to additional international organizations.
  • Research Methods
    Includes useful general information on research strategies and tutorials.
    Also includes a handy guide from NC State University called "Anatomy of a Scholarly Article."
  • Evaluating Sources
    A general guide to critically evaluating your sources.
    Also includes a table describing key elements that comprise different periodical types and descriptions of the differences between primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary sources.
  • Looking for Journals
    How to determine whether the Library subscribes to a journal or any periodical, newspaper or magazine title.
  • Looking for Books
    A guide to finding books.
  • Looking for Journal Articles
    A guide to finding articles and searching databases.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD)
    If SU Libraries does not have a source you are looking for, often that source can be promptly borrowed for you from another Library - for free.
  • Citation Guide
    Tips on citing your work and crediting your sources, with emphasis on the Chicago Manual of Style - "Author-Date" format used in this IRP 410 course.