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Venture Capital Firms and Investors

Identify venture capital firms and investors using Libraries' resources

Search Strategies for PrivCo

PrivCo includes profiles of private (non-publicly traded) companies. When available, information about company financials and funding rounds are included. Although private company profiles are the primary focus of this database, it does include information about investors and venture capital. To access this database, you will need to register with your email address and will be asked to login each time.

On the main page of the database (or Dashboard) you can search by keyword for a private company, investor, investment firm, or industry. If you want to create lists of companies or investors, it is recommended that you use the Investors or Companies search, which includes search filters.

Sample Search

Below is a suggested search strategy to use when creating lists of investors/investment firms.

Under Search, Go to Investors

Select the Following Filters
Investor Types:
  • Angel/Individual
  • Angel Investor Group
  • Corporate
  • Family
  • Family Office
  • Fund of Funds
  • Government
  • Other Investment Firm
  • Private Equity
  • Small Business Investment Company
  • Venture Capital
Investor Stages:
  • Early Stage
  • Seed

To limit by industry, select the industries and sub-industries that seem relevant to you (e.g. Technology; subindustries Software & Internet Services and Technology Services). To get a better idea of how PrivCo organizes companies into industries, run a few relevant company names through the database to discover how they are categorized.

Saving and Exporting

Saving Searches

You can save your search by selecting Save Search in the results list. View your saved searches by selecting My Saved Searches.

Saving Lists

If you are creating a list of private companies or a list of investors, you will have the option to select the profiles you would like to add to your Watchlists within the database. Going to your Watchlists will allow you to view the updated company or investor profiles anytime you are logged into PrivCo.

Exporting to Excel

You will also have the option to select the company or investor profiles you are interested in and then Export to Excel. PrivCo has a limit of 150 Excel rows per user per month. One company or investor profile will take one Excel row.

Downloading PDFs

Going to the three dots (…) next to the company profile, investor, or investment firm name will bring you to the option to Download PDF (for companies) or Get Investor Tearsheet (a PDF of the investor profile). PrivCo has a limit of 50 PDF downloads per user per month.

Creating Citations

Going to the three dots (…) next to the company profile, investor, or investment firm name will bring you to the option to Create a Citation. If you select the citation that has a unique URL specific to the investor name/investment firm, it appears that the URL will be stable and the investor profile will be available to you as long as you are logged into PrivCo before attempting to use the link.

Sample Citation:

PrivCo. (n.d.) Founders Fund Investor Profile: Portfolio, Deals, and Investment. Retrieved August 5, 2022, from