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Syracuse University Libraries

HathiTrust Digital Library

Log in instructions

Log in to enable more downloading options and other features!

  1. Click the LOG IN link at the top right corner of the page.HathiTrust login location
  2. Choose "Syracuse University" from the dropdown list and click "Continue".
  3. Sign in using your SU NetID and password

What can I do in HathiTrust?

Syracuse University has been a member of HathiTrust since 2013. That provides SU users with additional benefits:

Benefits with SU Login
Action All Users Users with SU Login
Search full text of all volumes Yes Yes
View full text of non-copyright volumes Yes Yes
Download single page of non-copyright volumes Yes Yes
Download full PDFs of non-copyright volumes No Yes
Search within collections Yes Yes
Create and save collections No Yes
Use text and data analysis tools (HathiTrust Research Center) Basic Advanced
Access to in-copyright volumes for users with print disabilities  No Yes
Access to in-copyright titles during library emergencies (controlled digital lending) No Yes