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Syracuse University Libraries

HathiTrust Digital Library: Searching

Many search options

  • Search the catalog for descriptive information only, such as author or title.
  • Search full-text for descriptive information plus full-text that occurs in a work, such as a name, place, citation, or favorite quote.
  • Use Advanced catalog search to limit by year, language, and format, or search for descriptive terms within specific fields (author, title, publisher)
  • Use Advanced full-text search to limit by year, language, and format, search for descriptive terms within specific fields, AND search for text within the work

How do I navigate search results?

Choose your tab: all search results, or only those with full-text view



Refine results using facets on the left (subject, author, language, etc.)

HathiTrust screen shot


Icons below each search result provide other information


Other Information Available
Icon/Link Other Information
Catalog Record full library catalog record
full view full-text view
limited (search-only) no full-text view, but search inside volume
view record to see multiple volumes click on "Catalog Record" to view individual volumes for multi-volume works

Looking for items at SU Libraries?

  1. Log in Log in to HathiTrust
  2. Use the advanced full-text search
  3. Check the "Held by Syracuse University" box

HathiTrust provides a full-text search for almost half the print items held by SU Libraries.

Full view, however, is limited to:

  • items in the public domain or not protected by copyright
  • brittle, damaged, withdrawn items owned by SU Libraries for which a replacement could not be located.