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Syracuse University Libraries


Setup and Tools

Account Setup (optional)

To set up an account in Dimensions for activities such as creating alerts, setting up a profile and custom groups, and connecting your Dimensions and ORCID accounts:

  • Access Dimensions and login with your SU NetID. and password if you're off campus 
  • In the upper right of the Dimensions landing page, click Register.
  • Enter your SU email and click Next. Follow the steps to set up a password.
  • You will then see your profile in the upper right, where you can manage settings.
  • When logged in, you will see "Add to Library" to add citations to your existing ReadCube Cloud account or one can be set up.

Researcher Profiles: 

Researchers with works in Dimensions can be searched by name by using the Researcher field on the left side of the page and selecting "more" and typing the desired name. The profile is created based on the data available in Dimensions and includes publications, grants, patents, and clinical trials as relevant. The profile will also include links to the researcher's ORCiD and other links to external pages, if that researcher added these options to their account.

Creating Alerts:

Searches can be saved or exported by clicking "Save/Export" in the search bar. When "Save" is selected, you can also set up weekly alerts for publications and/or grants (other types TBA). Alerts may be disabled at any time by performing one of these 3 actions:

  • "Cancel this alert" in the email: disables the alert, no login required;
  • "Manage alerts" in the email: takes you to the "Browse Favorites" page where alerts can be managed (login required);
  • In the application, go to the "Browse Favorites" page where all alerts can be managed.

Creating Groups: 

In Dimensions you can search for different types of content including documents/publications, researchers, grants, funders, research organizations, etc., and then add selected items to a group in the left column of your search results. If you have your Dimensions account set up, you could then save any groups you create to use again in the future.

Some reasons you may want to create a custom group include, monitoring different researchers or research organizations to track the publications they're producing, or tracking different funding organizations to see who they're awarding grants to. Groups can also be used to look internally and track SU authored publications, grants, patents, etc. If you are interested in sharing the groups you're creating with others, beyond personal use, please contact the Libraries Research Impact Team at

To connect your ORCID and Dimensions accounts:

Click profile in the upper right and select "ORCID information" and follow the steps to authorize your ORCID. This connection will allow you to claim your works in Dimensions and update your ORCID works when you see "Add to ORCID" buttons.

How to report missing or incorrect data within your works