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Cataloging resources for IST 616 and general use: includes links to tools, authority links, and classification systems.

Cataloger's Desktop Training & Tutorials

Cataloging Standards and References


The Library of Congress Classification is available in print and online. The print volumes are located in the Government Documents section on the 3rd floor of Bird Library.

All volumes start with the call number LC 26.9.




Access to Cataloging Resources

How to connect to:

  • Cataloger's Desktop
  • Classification Web
  • RDA Toolkit

Please note: These resources are used by the staff of SU Libraries on weekdays during business hours.  In order to avoid reaching the maximum number of simultaneous users, please use these as possible during off-peak times (evenings and weekends). Also, when you are finished with RDA Toolkit each time, please log out instead of closing the browser window.

Start with Cataloger's Desktop:

Cataloger's Desktop

Enter the login information you received for this resource. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in.

Connecting to Classification Web:

  • Click Contents on the upper left corner and click on Classification Web
  •  In the upper right hand corner under Preferences, click Classification Web, enter the login information you received for this resource, and select Open Classification Web within Cataloger's Desktop. This will set your preferences so you can access Classification Web directly from Cataloger's Desktop in future sessions.
  • After setting up your preference to login direct from Cataloger’s Desktop: From that same page, click again on Classification Web from the left menu, and then click on the Auto Login menu link at the bottom of the middle pane. This should allow you to access a link to start working in Classification Web without logging in again.

The Classification Web interface runs on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, but the navigation features do not function properly on Internet Explorer.   

 Connecting to RDA Toolkit:

            RDA Toolkit

After connecting, you should see Syracuse University Libraries at the upper right of the screen. If you do not see this, please contact Brenna.

Next, you will need to set up your profile.  Click on CREATE.

As you fill in the profile creation boxes, make sure you remember your Profile Name and Password.  You will need both later when you log in. Click Create when finished.

After you create your account, you should see your name, as well as Syracuse University Libraries, at the upper right of the page.

At the end of your session, be sure to log out using the small button at the upper right of the window instead of closing the browser or window.

Connecting to RDA from Cataloger's Desktop

From within Cataloger's Desktop, click on RDA Resource Description and Access from the list at the left of the page.

If you are prompted to enter your RDA user name and password in a preferences box, please try connecting via the RDA Toolkit database link.

Librarian for the iSchool: Brenna

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