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Syracuse University Libraries

Earth and Environmental Sciences Resources: Core Journals

Sources and information for those interested in Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Access to Core Journals

This is a list of commonly used journals by the faculty of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Here are two ways to access the full-text options available for each title.

A. Search from the Library's Journal List

Copy and paste the ISSN from the title below into the Journal List search box and select ISSN/ISBN from the drop-down list to the left. This will provide all the online database links and print holdings the Library has. Not all titles will contain print holdings but most are set up this way. Search the Classic Catalog for older print runs not listed.

B. Direct access from the list below.

  1. Click on a title link. It will take you to the SU Online Classic Catalog record.
  2. Near the bottom of the record there is a “Linked resource” link that will take you to either the journal itself or there will be an intermediate page that will provide links to the databases where the journal is available.
  3. If you get the intermediate page, you will see a link to “Browse Journal” and below that there will be a “Show more full-text options”. Clicking this link will show you what other database(s) have that title.
  4. Next, click the little down arrow after each listing. It will indicate what years of full-text coverage are available from the database.
  5. In most cases if we have the print in storage it will also show what holdings we have. Not always but most are set up this way. Search the Classic Catalog for older print runs not listed.

Core Journals A-I

Core Journals J-Z