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Syracuse University Libraries

FYS 101: Subject-Specific Resources

This guide is designed to support new students at SU.

Identify Your Subject Librarian

For every department and academic subject taught at Syracuse University Libraries, there is a subject librarian who has extensive experience working with library resources related to those fields. Contact your subject librarian if you have any subject-specific questions related to your research in your major, graduate program, or any course that you're taking even outside of your main course. 

You can identify your librarian(s) by exploring the list of subject librarians at Syracuse University Libraries. Feel free to take the short quiz to help you explore subject librarians! 

Find Your Guides

Now that you've identified your subject librarian, we'll now introduce you to research guides that library staff, including subject librarians, have created to help you find the information resources that you need for your research. 

These SU Libraries' research guides, which also cover every major and academic area at Syracuse University, can introduce you to some of the most helpful, relevant, and important resources in your field. The business information guide, for example, offers solid guidance for beginning research related to companies, industries, and business markets, and also offers tutorials on how to use these resources. 

Click on the research guides homepage to explore these guides. Which guide or guides do you think might be most helpful for you with your coursework or research? 

If you've ever seen a television informercial, then you're familiar with the phrase "But, wait, that's not all," and the same thing applies to our guides! Not only do we offer guides based on academic subjects, but we also offer a variety of other helpful guides that you could access by clicking on the "By Type" tab near the top of the research guide homepage

Arrow pointing to "By Type" dropdown menu located near top of research guide homepage

After clicking on the "By Type" tab, you should see the following types of guides listed

  • Course Guides: These are guides created for specific courses at SU, such as HOM 166, ENL 213, IST 618, and WRT 105. Please take a look at these course guides to see if any of you courses might have its own helpful guide! 
  • Research Guides: These are the subject-based guides, such as for business information, that we've already covered.
  • General Guides: These guides cover topics such as citations, copyright, ebooks, and how to get a free digital subscription to the New York Times.
  • Partnerships: These guides are generally created for specific audiences or events, such as EBV and EBV-F Research Resources, the International Students' Guide, Library Resources for SUPA Instructors & Students, and Resources for Online and Distance Students. 

Discover Your Databases

Finally, we'd like to help you explore additional databases that might be relevant for your research area, major, or graduate program. You've probably heard of some of the most popular databases, including ProQuest and JSTOR, Syracuse University Libraries offer access to more than 700 databases. That's a lot of databases! To help you find the databases most relevant to your subject area, click on the "All Subjects" dropdown menu and choose the academic field or fields related to your research our coursework:  

arrow pointing to "All Subjects" dropdown menu for choosing subject databases

Once you click on a database, you might be asked to enter your NetID and password to confirm that you're currently enrolled at Syracuse University.

You might also have noticed that you can also filter these databases by type, such a videos, news and newspapers, ebooks, and statistics and data. To filter by type, click on the "All Database Types" dropdown tab located next to the "All Subjects" tab and choose the content type that you're looking for.