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Syracuse University Libraries

WRT 205: Research Tips and Resources (McCrary)

Guide for Robin McCrary's WRT 205 classes, Writing and Science, Spring 2020

Specific Scholarly Journals (a short list)

WRT 205 students can access these journals via entering one or more of their titles into the query window at the library’s journals A to Z list at


  • Do not explore journal titles below to the exclusion of searching other databases, SUMMON or other starting points
  • Do explore some of these, especially if a journal title(s) listed aligns closely with your area of inquiry
  • Pay attention to journal title patterns in your database and SUMMON search results
  • Sometimes it is beneficial to systematically browse back issue tables of contents within a single relevant journal, or search keywords with results limited only to that single journal(s) 


Advances in Climate Change Research
Advances in Human Computer Interaction
Autonomous Robots
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Celebrity Studies
Climate Dynamics
Climate Policy
Drug Science, Policy & Law
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
Environment:  Science and Policy for Sustainable Development
Environmental Science & Policy
International Journal of Human Computer Interaction
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
Journal of Communication
Mass Communication & Society
PLOS Journals (“Public Library of Science”) –
also access PLOS via
Philosophy of Science
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Science and Engineering Ethics
Science & Public Policy
Science (American Association for Advancement of Science)
Social History of Medicine
Social Media & Society
Urban Climate